Monday, September 22, 2008

Enough already

One of the things that I have been noticing alot on the interenet is the lack of religous tolerance. One person will say that this person doesn't respect my views and so they will disresepect that person's views. Then the "offender" will begin to hate all those of the firs person's religion and the cycle will continue. When will such an arguement end? Both sides seek tolerance but neither is willing to give. When did this world become full of hypocracy? Why can't we accept people for who they are and not what they believe?

I personally have two very good friends who are both great and very good people. Our religious views are quite different from one another, you could almost say they're opposites. So what ifwe have religious differences? Is that reason enough to say that I can't be nice to you? Is it so wrong for them to let them believe what they will?

Let me explain why I think this. I believe that from the time before this world was, God gave man agency or the ability to make his own choices. But with those choices come consequences. Man is free to choose but not free of consequence. If someone decides to not believe in something, that is their choice but they are not free of the consequences for making that choice.
I also know that there is one all ecompassing truth but it is up to each individual to make that choice however he will.